We are specialized in a unique enriched individualized curriculum for children to flourish in life.


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand” – Confucius

We think that children learn through a sensitively and carefully prepared environment where they can cultivate and nurture their own natural talents.

We know that the time between ages 2 and 7 is critical. Children’s brains act like sponges, and it is a vital time to embed key values.

Throughout our curriculum, we teach children about the pros and cons of the decisions they make, and the consequences of their actions. Using positive motivation, we help your child to learn boundaries, to take personal responsibility for their mistakes, and to learn from their mistakes as well—ultimately, preparing them for life and to be a capable adult.

All subject areas are blended collectively to create an exceptional educational experience where children work without restrictions in a structured atmosphere. Within this context, the children progress at their own unique pace and rhythm, corresponding with their specific abilities.

The focus of our studies:


It is the job of the teacher to aid in the refinement of the child’s senses and to use the sensorial materials that are always made available to the child.

Practical Life

We believe that it is of vital importance to prepare children for the rest of their lives – through practical, real-world experiences. Our activities are devised to educate the child on how to deal with their real-world environment with confidence.

Activities such as pouring, cutting and pasting, tying shoes, etc. also help the child with a sense of order, coordination, independence, and concentration. We grow vegetables in every school. Planting nutritious food and growing flowers are a part of our daily activities as well, so the children can enjoy the fruits of their labor, develop a sense of gratitude, and begin to understand life cycles and processes.

Social Studies

We believe that it is important for children to become global citizens and they will learn about different countries, and the importance of respecting different cultures.

Every month, we pick a continent to learn about – discovering what different countries might be within it, the culture, language, and animals. Through this structure, children learn the significance and meaning of citizenship, community, and family.

Exploration of each area is encouraged through trips outside the classroom and activities, which give them a deeper appreciation for others. This inclusive approach to education fosters a feeling of connection to all humanity therefore encourages their natural desire to make contributions to the world.

Language, Mathematics, and Writing

Language, Mathematics, and Writing are all important skills that will be essential throughout their lives. Children are presented with the concepts of language and mathematics and are encouraged to explore these vital cognitive skills. Children will strengthen penmanship and comprehension skills in their unique learning environment. These skills will be strengthened and maintained through a variety of learning exercises.

Phonetic Reading Program

Through our phonetic reading program, children build a passion for reading at an early age. Most of our children are at a very high reading level, and most are reading higher than standard for their age.

Science, Botany & Zoology

The Montessori learning framework promotes curiosity in every subject, however inquisitiveness and wonder about the natural world is an integral part to our science program. Children start to appreciate and understand their environment first by observing and then by investigating with hands-on activities which include classifying and caring for different plants and animals.

Foreign Language

We believe that learning another language should be fun and exciting, as well as a useful life skill. Our children find real joy in learning Spanish and our objective is to learn through exciting and engaging activities.

Art, Music, and Dance

The arts are a vital part of the growth of our children and helps them expand on many fundamental levels. Children exhibit their own art canvases and sing every day. We celebrate a range of artists, composers, painters, and poets.

Whether it is enabling them to express their emotions, communicate or develop their creativity, your child will be introduced to an array of artistic concepts to inspire their imagination and gain an understanding of art. Children will explore a different artist every month, and we always hold a yearly art show and twice-yearly recitals are held to demonstrate the children’s interpretations of music and movement.

Extra Activities

We offer a variety of after school programs for our students to participate. These programs include Art, Spanish, Public Speaking classes, Gardening, music and movement, and STEM programs. If your child is attending the school on a full-time basis our after-school program carries no additional cost. Some of these classes carry a small additional cost.